Good Skincare Evening Routine

Good Skincare Pt.2

Last week, we looked at a good morning routine, which was all about preparing skin for the day and protecting against UV.  This week, it’s all about the evening, which is to help your skin repair itself.  It’s doing this 24/7, of course – that saying about repairing itself only at night is just an old wives’ tale.  At night, though, it doesn’t have anything else to do, as it’s not trying to fend off damaging UV, pollution and the rest.  So, with Caroline Hirons’ tips again, here we go:

  1.  Cleanse.  This is where we get all fancy, and cleanse twice.  Now, this isn’t invented by skincare companies to sell more product; if you’re wearing SPF, you’ll need to cleanse twice; its job is to stick to your face, remember!  Also, some breakouts are caused by not removing SPF properly, and of course, you’ve probably been wearing makeup all day too.  If neither of those apply, feel free just to cleanse once. It’s also fine to use the same flannel you used in the morning.
  2. Vitamin A.  Also called retinoid – make sure your face is dry before you apply it, and at the start, go easy, as it can be quite active on your skin.  It’s the number one anti-ageing product, so well worth a try, but just a couple of times a week, and avoid the neck, eyes, nose and mouth – it’s for the forehead and cheeks only. 
  3. Eye product. As for the morning routine, and keep it to a light product if your eyes tend to puffiness in the mornings.
  4. Serum.  This is where you can really go to town on the treatment, be that deep moisturising, breakouts, rosacea – whatever your skin needs help with, find a product that is recommended for that issue, and use that.  No need for a separate moisturiser.