All memberships, with the exception of Lifestyle, are based on a 12 month commitment. We do have pay as you go available at the Sangha House, but we think you will find our membership approach a great deal more attractive.

Welcome & Welcome Plus Memberships

The Welcome Membership is the core membership for the Sangha House. As a welcome member you have access to all the group events happening within the schedule on a Monday through Friday, between 8.45am and 6.30pm.

Welcome Plus provides you, in addition, with the classes at our busier times in the evenings and weekends (See the schedule to understand the difference between these levels)

These memberships include activities such as Tai Chi, Meditation, Yoga, Pilates, Djembe drumming workshops, mindfulness movement, Qi Gong etc. With your membership you can literally attend AS MANY of these classes as you would like a month. All for just £35 per month for Welcome membership, or £40 per month for Welcome Plus membership based on a 12 month commitment.

You can go on the web site to see the schedule but to attend the events you must book in at least 24 hours in advance so that we can confirm our numbers. As a member, you will also have priority over and above pay as you go customers.

Pay as you go charges for these classes will be £10 per hour. As a member, you will be paying your monthly fee (with a 12 month commitment). You are then entitled to as many sessions a week as you would like to come to, of all these practices and disciplines.


Our Spa Membership brings in the one to one holistic therapies that we offer in the Sangha House. Massage treatments, reflexology, hot stone massage and some of the consulting practices we offer such as hypnotherapy.  Your Spa membership gives you one treatment a month, plus all the benefit of the Welcome Plus membership for just £85 per month.

SPA Gold

Gives you two treatments per month, plus all the benefits of Welcome Plus, for £135 per month.

Lifestyle Membership

We have established this type of membership for those practices that require some form of incremental learning approach. These treatments tend to focus on changing and encouraging new physical and mental behaviour into our daily lives. The Lifestyle practice examples are: personal training,  acupuncture, counselling and certain types of mindfulness meditation practice. These types of practice require weekly exposure in a formal session and then the individual client needs to be practising daily. So the membership includes a weekly session plus all the benefits of the Welcome Plus membership.

Lifestyle membership is not a 12 month commitment. Your practitioner will discuss with you the appropriate duration for your programme.

The cost of this level of membership is £200 per month.