Membership is based on a 12 month commitment. As a member, you have unlimited access to our physical studio.

To become a member, simply review and sign up to the terms. Any questions, just call us – 01823 428156

Welcome Membership

The Welcome Membership is the core membership for the Sangha House. As a Welcome member you have access to all the physical studio classes happening within the schedule on Monday through Sunday. (Excluding Workshops)

These memberships include activities such as Tai Chi, Meditation, Yoga, Pilates, mindfulness movement, Qi Gong etc. With your membership you can literally attend AS MANY of these classes as you would like a month. All for just £44.75 per month for Welcome membership based on a 12 month commitment.


You can go on the web site to see the schedule and book online. 


Become a member by completing and signing the contract below.