What Our Customers Say

“A super place for all things mind, body and soul! There is so much choice with all their classes, workshops and specialists, and I’ve always felt welcomed with great energy and positive vibes. Since finding it a month ago I’ve been so impressed I’ve brought my sister, mum and a friend along already. Very relaxing atmosphere, and they know their stuff, I expect I’ll be here a lot :)” MF

“Just had my first 2 classes back at Sangha and it was great. The team have and are working very hard to keep everyone safe. It was fantastic to get back into the studio again.” LL

“Went to sound healing with Suzy Grace it was wonderful loved it ❤️” LJ

“Just attended a Sound Healing session at The Sangha House. The upstairs room was spacious and comfortable with the perfect atmosphere of warmth and tranquillity. The session itself was a series of sounds from drums to rattles to chimes to a combination of voice and Indian singing bowl. Absolutely wonderful! Would do it again.” MD

“Fantastic people and atmosphere. You feel part of a family xx” LR

“The Sangha House is truly the BEST place to be to recharge and reconnect within and away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It nurtures a sense of calm and tranquillity, I wholeheartedly recommend a visit or join up to their memberships both physical classes and virtual online classes. The teachers are super and the space is awesome I honestly don’t know what I’d do without the Sangha House in my life. You are always guaranteed the BEST nights sleep after a one of their class.” SM

“Lovely yoga session at the Sangha House yesterday…so relaxing and just what I needed. The tutor is experienced, knowledgeable and friendly and the teaching room felt safe, clean and airy. Altogether a very positive experience. Good to be back.” KS

“I cannot recommend The Sangha House higher. I have been lucky to visit on numerous occasions, both physically and virtually via zoom. It is a fantastic place not only to relax but have fun and learn. I have attended open mic nights, belly dancing workshops, yoga, talks, meditations to name but a few and on every occasion the teachers have been fantastic and Andy and Denise have been so friendly, welcoming and kind.” HH

“Sangha House is a wonderful place. Fantastic selection of classes, great instructors and run by a very friendly couple, Denise and Andy. They have worked very hard over the pandemic to set up a full programme of Zoom classes. Now there are also physical classes and I’ve loved going back. It’s all been planned so you feel safe and also energised. Thank you so much for such a great place!” FR

“This is a beautiful place with lovely staff and classes… Very peaceful and ambient… ✨🙏✨” KS

“A lovely place and very lovely people who provide a very good service. I will be going back!” SG

“It’s such a pleasure to be here again after a very long time. I love this place. Did some great classes and enjoyed an amazing massage as well. And it was great to see Andy and Denise again” VB

“I had a very relaxing aromatherapy massage with Denise, with beautiful smelling oils and the right amount of pressure to help me feel rejuvenated again. Thanks Denise 😊” RT

“My first visit to this little gem, and pedicure treatment since lockdown. Instantly felt very welcomed and relaxed as I sat back and watched Denise work her magic. Cannot believe I have not found this before now. Denise is extremely friendly and we chatted very comfortably together, and it felt like I’d known Denise for years. I will definitely be revisiting and was interested to hear of the other programmes/treatments on offer. I can whole heartedly recommend you try this, you will not disappointed! Thank you so much Denise for a truly lovely experience, my first since Covid. May your business to go from strength from strength, you have a new client 😊 I’m delighted with my ‘new feet’” SS

“I see Denise for a pedicure. Our own Meticulous Manicurist in the south west UK. Would recommend to anyone with normal & any nail issues such as fungal infection. My nails are really improving & for the first time in years, I am not embarrassed to show my toe nails. Great service & chat too.” WB

“Such a warm and friendly place, never made to feel anything other than welcome. I’ve loved the sessions online during the pandemic and in class

“Just to let you know I am really loving the barre classes, so different to anything I have done before. Naomi is a fantastic teacher and gives lots of options if you want to challenge yourself more, I’m totally hooked!” JT

“[A workplace wellbeing event for the NHS] was so well received by our guys, and Charlotte was so good with them they all felt safe and calm. It’s definitely something I would like to repeat later in the year – the staff are in quite a fragile state at the moment and their well-being is something I am working on.” DG

“Andy and team, thank you so much for setting up and supporting the Compassion for Ukraine event. Your contribution and support really helped me to achieve the fasting, which I really doubted I could do. I can’t actually put in words yet the experience of the whole day because I am still a bit overwhelmed and processing some of it. I know the experience will stay with me and hope our compassion reaches all corners of the world. Again, a very big Thank you 😊 ” CT

“I have been thinking lots about last week’s tai chi class so I decided to contact you and say thank you! I so enjoyed doing the long form for the first time.  It was (obviously ) nowhere near perfect but what you said afterwards really resonated about gaining an understanding of the language of tai chi.  Some of it felt quite natural and I intuitively knew where it was going. That is clearly down to some great teaching!  I’m on a mission to recognise what I am grateful for and I figure it is always nice to hear when people like what you do! So thank you!” CW

“Thank you, I’ve had a wonderful healing progress, Morgan did a fantastic job in dispersing trauma and stress my body was holding onto.

Nurturing is was I’m needing now.” SW

“For those who have regular massages like myself, but not yet experienced the feeling of the warmth of a hot stone massage I can thoroughly recommend an hour of sheer bliss with Morgan.   If you are new to a massage treatment it’s very comforting on a cold winter’s day.  I always look forward to my next hostile massage were I can simply relax and let Morgan pamper me and remove any tension from the muscles in my body.” YB

“Just want to say how much I’m loving the yoga classes 😊I’ve got myself into a lovely routine and look forward to my yoga time at Sangha x Amber’s class today was amaze, such an amazing teacher. Amber has helped me so much with my technique! Just felt I had to message.” JT

“As someone deeply interested in the magic and mystery of spirituality, I approached The Magic of Noticing with great anticipation. What I discovered was an intensely practical and down to earth introduction to the disciplines of Buddhism and Mindfulness. Andy Spragg’s approach to these subjects has not been forged in any kind of rarefied monastic context, but out of his experiences in the business and corporate world, and the humdrum of things like the daily grind of commuting, as well as the vicissitudes of life in general. References to the (extensive) teachings of Buddhism are on the whole confined to how these affect the change and personal growth of the individual seeking to make sense of life and reality in a complex and sometimes confusing environment. Closing sections of the book do provide pointers towards an exploration of deeper Buddhist ideas as well as the promise of further books on these subjects to follow.

The Magic of Noticing provides a brief introduction to the life of the Buddha, and a general outline of Mindfulness; but the heart of its teaching is really about how gradual transformation is effected in people as they work out ‘on the cushion’, ie the meditation cushion. There is a helpful description of the mind as our sixth sense, – something to be explored and trained like the other senses. Spragg also gives useful analyses of the pitfalls to meditation found in things like ‘the monkey mind’. In addition, he brings practical instruction to help us through some Buddhist warnings on ‘the worldly winds’, ‘attachments, aversions and delusions’ and other factors that hinder a clear path to personal progress.

Set out in the format of a series of carefully crafted sermonettes, The Magic of Noticing is interspersed with a range of colourful anecdotes which help to make it an enjoyable read as well as an interesting and very helpful addition to the literature on these subjects.”


“I liked the style very much- its clear no fogginess. And I liked the mass of information- all very interesting
Ill read this again very slowly and enjoy it even more” Amazon reviews of The Magic Of Noticing, Andy Spragg’s book

“After a challenging year or so I was feeling quite overwhelmed as we re-emerged from the constraints we all have been living with. I wasn’t feeling in good shape mentally or physically so I knew I needed some support to protect my well-being. I turned to Andy who’s Tai Chi Classes have already helped me through some stressful times, Andy suggested Buddhist Mentoring… to be honest I wasn’t entirely sure what this would entail but with total trust in Andy’s experience and knowledge, these weekly sessions in the sanctuary of the Sangha House have been immensely beneficial to me, I feel a weight lifting from my shoulders and a sense of calm returning.” JP

“I have certainly made progress, but most of this is due to you and your teaching. You are exceptional!!

Little did I know how important Tai Chi would be to me during this pandemic, and it has literally saved my life and well-being. I cannot thank you enough.” CR

“Thanks again for all that you do. Tai chi has made a huge difference to my life in many ways, but especially in moving about the house, and incorporating the steps and turns has made me feel safer. My wrenched back muscles led to a bone density scan advised by my osteopath, that in turn led to a diagnosis of osteoporosis this week, but thankfully early enough to benefit from treatment. Tai chi will continue to be very beneficial.” CR

“Thank you for your help in providing schedules, recommendations, bookings which helped make our stay in Taunton so enjoyable. My thanks to Denise for a soothing pedicure – something I experienced for the first time. Excellent! The builder’s tea wasn’t bad either! Wish Taunton was closer as I’d definitely take out membership with Sangha House and enjoy the benefits of regular Quigong and Tai Chi and treatments with Denise.” JF

“Hi, just wanted to say thankyou ! I have worked throughout covid in funeralcare.  As u can imagine it has been so hard . I’ve given my all to my families and workmates and tonight I sobbed like a baby throughout! 

These two gentlemen moved me so much, and now I don’t feel guilty about self compassion.  This was just what I needed, exactly when I needed it!!!! 

There are things I have experienced and seen over the past year that have somewhat scarred me but now I feel I’ve been given permission to look after me xx

  A million thankyous x” TY

“I’m really enjoying the course and I am gaining from your wisdom. I deeply appreciate what you are sharing with us.” MTG

“I just wanted to say thank for a really interesting and insightful session. I loved the meditations and was interested in how challenging I found it to connect with my emotions… definitely one to put some focus into!” CH

“Just to say it’s amazing being back in the building. Amber’s class was fabulous” VG

“Hi everyone, I would like to say how very much I enjoyed this afternoon’s session, it was very helpful.   My fears concerning the yoga exercises were totally unfounded – obvious no doubt to you that I’ve never done any yoga!” MC

“Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍” CT

“I had the most incredible pedicure with Denise at Sangha House.  Denise was highly professional, warm, and very knowledgable, letting me know what she was doing and why, as well as picking up on issues I wasn’t aware of, and treating these.  The products were lovely, and smelt amazing!  I would highly recommend Denise, and Sangha House services.” CW

“We enjoy Dorian’s class because it is suitable for all abilities and you can do as much or as little as you like, most of his exercise programs have different levels of intensively so it’s possible to build yourself up at a pace suitable to you, he is always there with encouragement but never pushes you out of your comfort zone.

All in all a great exercise class that is just right ” GS

“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started Lena’s Yoga Nidra class, but found it very relaxing, just what was needed after a busy week” RD

“I really like Sam’s pilates especially as she really mixes it up and puts lots of new moves in.  I get quite hot in the class and really feel like I’ve done something when we finish.  She’s a lovely person too.” AK

“Can I say what a wonderful job you are all doing in the current circumstances. I’m so impressed by the live stream classes, so thank you for doing your upmost and enabling us to carry on practising during this time (when we probably all need it most!)” LF

“You really are providing  a brilliant service, keeping us healthy and happy at this challenging time. Just wanted to say thank you.” KS

“Can I first say how amazed I am at your determination and stamina at keeping up your extensive timetable of classes and workshops during this challenging time…and your open day numbers were outstanding so well done guys 👍” CP

“I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all the work you’re doing to keep things going.

It makes a huge difference.

Not just financially (though that’s great), but by giving us the opportunity to coach and teach. Because that’s why most of us do this – we love it.

So thank you for being absolutely BLEEP!) awesome throughout all this, and for giving us the chance to keep working with your lovely members.” DB

“You are totally fabulous!  ” AK

“You guys are working so hard at a time when quite a lot of us are taking it easy, one way or another. It’s appreciated.” DH

“I just wanted to say thank you for the beautifully wrapped yoga mat with the card! Lovely!” NT

“Hi, just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the qi gong.. I had no idea what I was doing really but it made me feel joyful and happy” SL

“It has been a great privilege for me being part of the [journalling] group and Patricia has been truly inspirational.” SG

“Both Michel and Patricia’s classes were totally fab this weekend,please pass on my thanks to them” LG

“I’m so pleased to be a member of such an amazing establishment and team.” LL

“Sarah and Akhil very professional, very traditional too, you get used to the glow of a regular teacher but mixing it up is good for body and mind! We are so lucky to have you all and this amazing resource.” OC

“Just to say how much I love the classes!! Fiona’s are fab” DR

“Excellent class new poses not done before.” AS

“I really enjoyed Bev’s class…pitched just right for me now and she was thoughtful and considered. If only I could make every Monday  ..that’s a work in progress!!” DD

“It’s great being back with Fiona as I have every confidence in her teaching. I can put my trust in her” ES

Beautiful class x I always love every class of Bev’s, calming voice and always good content” JT

“You guys keep me sane” CW

“As a guy dealing with a very demanding job and busy family life, I felt my overall health slowly deteriorating over past last year. In just a few weeks, the Sangha House has without doubt, helped bring about a positive change in my mindset and my ability to cope with intense stress levels. The dramatic improvement in my physical health has also been very welcome!

I’ve been made to feel at home by Helen, Denise and Andy and felt immediately accepted into the fold. I was initially given many classes to try out which I felt were tailored to combat my particular stresses, these including Pilates, Yoga, Acupuncture and Tai-Chi all of which I am still very much enjoying participating in. 

To any guys out there who may be dealing with stress or just want to see some major physical improvement, I really recommend you check this place out. I feel like I have faced down a few of life’s curveballs in the most natural and beneficial way possible.” KA

“The [massage] treatment was great. I spent the evening mostly sleeping and had a good nights sleep! Look forward to seeing Morgan again” DD

Thank you so much for last nights class. I found it particularly useful and together with the advice from my previous email these sessions are of great benefit. I think when I connect with my space I feel very safe, this is a great help. There are so many triggers, shouting, children screaming, crowds etc. I have noticed that by saying ‘hello’ to the vadanas, it is decreasing in power. My overall feelings of anxiety have decreased and I am sleeping so much better. Also eating less, which is amazing. All this is very interesting and I welcome it with gratefulness and joy. 😄.” SD

“Great job creating such an amazing Community” JS

“You are offering an amazing service to the local community and deserve all the success you are creating.” SB

“I just love what you have created at the house and am enjoying every minute of the events you have organised” CT

“Very grateful to all the team for helping to keep us fit and sane over lockdown.” WL

“The [online meditation] course was particularly helpful during these difficult times as lockdown altered everything. Whereas I had a particular direction in my life before the first lockdown, suddenly I found I had no structure or routine. I did too much negative thinking and reacted to lockdown in an unwholesome way. I was much more prepared when the second lockdown came.

Once we were unlocked from the first lockdown, I took steps to return to some sort of normality in the exercise world. Here I found a new direction with the community of Sangha House. As part of this course, the meditation has helped me to relax through the breath pattern and feel a sense of contentment. By taking this path, it has helped with mental tension and physical suffering. A course in the New Year will be helpful during these constantly changing uncertain times.” YB


I found the Buddhist Eight Fold Path course that Andy ran during lockdown very enlightening. The information was engagingly presented and the follow up notes were really useful. The meditations were new to me and I enjoyed them. In these times of uncertainty to focus on something like this was a really positive experience. I would recommend it.

Great news that Boris is letting you go back to the House.” JW

“Thank you very much for your excellent talk on the Vagus Nerve. I learned so much from all your combined knowledge and experience. Thank you for taking the time to prepare such an informative presentation.” RL

“Take my money please!

🙏❤️” BP

“A big thank you for the Sangha Virtual Studio. It has been a welcome release in these most testing of times; I’ve learned much and it’s been fun too – even with the occasional ‘Nemesis’ inflicted by Andy!” JA

“The sessions we attended gave structure to our week. All I can say is that you three have done nothing but Innovation, Innovation, Innovation, and have kept it all fresh. High praise to each of you.” PH

“Helen was amazing” CC

“Essential workers for us all 😀 xx” EO

“Amber is great at watching the class and giving feed back on whether our positions were correct or not. If not, advising what to do to make it right.” TG

“That felt wonderful. Such a great class and the benefits will be with me the rest of the day” AM

“Really appreciate your communications with me! I checked out your website. really cool! you offer so much! i really liked/ was intrigued by what i saw. i love the story of how it started. that the ”center”(not sure how it’s referred to) is run by “real” people. not some huge, cold, organization, with the ONLY goal being to make money!” AA

“Since starting the course I have become more aware of the tension I am carrying in my heart and gut and feel that I have learned to relax more already.  A testament to your teaching skills I think!  Of all the meditations I have tried over the years the Buddhist approach is the only one that seems to make sense to me and it has had such an effect already.” AC

I have learned since starting meditation and going to all the classes and presentations at SH ….is how to breathe. I know this sounds a bit ridiculous but it’s true. I have always exercised (and have taught exercise) but I have never grasped the importance of breathing properly. In fact, I realise now how much I have always held breath when exercising. Your tutors constantly remind participants to breathe…..and that’s so helpful. I definitely feel the health benefits from breathing properly. …so a double thank you to you and all your tutors. You are all doing a great job.” KS

“Sam is particularly good at delivering a multilevel class that allows everyone to work to their level and feel suitably challenged.

I’m loving Akil’s Hatha yoga which I’d never tried before – again, suitably challenging and really interesting to learn a new approach to yoga moves.” AM

“Thank you for organising the self care event. I thought it was totally brilliant. I particularly liked choosing an inspirational word for the year and I have chosen “believe” for mine which is now at the centre of my self care wheel. The whole event has sparked lots of ideas but I find it hard to explain how many. Motivational, inspiring, extremely helpful on a daily basis. It will certainly be an event I shall remember and practice.” CT

“Wow that was bloody LUSH!! I feel fuzzy!!” SM

“Please can you let Morgan know she is a fantastic yoga teacher.  I love her sessions” CB

“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started Lena’s Yoga Nidra class, but found it very relaxing, just what was needed after a busy week” RD

“I really missed Amber’s yoga class on Monday afternoon, and Tuesday didn’t feel quite right as a result! I have found Amber’s classes to be really engaging, fun and well-planned. I really like how Amber makes regular, positive, encouraging, verbal comments on how participants are doing, because it makes such a difference to me and my experience.” RP

“I just wanted to thank you and Joanne for putting on this workshop…what a lovely woman Joanne is.  I found it really helpful and I especially like the breathing exercises” AC

“Bloomin’ marvellous…” BW

“Dileep’s yoga class offers a challenging practice with focus on asana and pranayama to build strength and flexibility. A knowledgeable and kind teacher, Dileep guides the session with the option to rest always available. I found the class very enjoyable and refreshing and couldn’t believe how fast the time went! I am looking forward to continuing to attend this class and recommend others who have a yoga practice (or are fairly fit) to give it a try.” OP

After a challenging year or so I was feeling quite overwhelmed as we re-emerged from the constraints we all have been living with. I wasn’t feeling in good shape mentally or physically so I knew I needed some support to protect my well-being. I turned to Andy who’s Tai Chi Classes have already helped me through some stressful times, Andy suggested Buddhist Mentoring… to be honest I wasn’t entirely sure what this would entail but with total trust in Andy’s experience and knowledge, these weekly sessions in the sanctuary of the Sangha House have been immensely beneficial to me, I feel a weight lifting from my shoulders and a sense of calm returning.” JP

“Thanks Denise, my foot already feels more comfortable and thanks for the advice and action plan!” FG