Taunton – A Compassionate Town

Some very good news – especially for Taunton.

Andy Spragg – You may not know this but for the past 5 years I have been working on an initiative. To bring The Charter for compassion to Taunton and for Taunton to sign the charter. The Charter was set up back in 2009. It is a world-wide initiative. First signed by the UN and then its been rolled out to cities, organisation and individuals across the world.

5 Years ago I approached Somerset West and Taunton (Back then). I was making progress when the Pandemic hit. Then the council decide to re-organise itself. But now I’m back and my new years resolution this year was to get Taunton Town Council to sign the charter and become a compassionate town!


I attended the full council meeting this evening and they have voted to adopt the charter! This is such wonderful news for Taunton. Many aspects of Taunton are already compassionate in its nature. But this signifies an intent to place compassion underneath everything it does.Now, my job as a UK rep for the Charter will to ripple this down to Parishes, major employers and organisations, getting as many signed up to it as possible.Compassionate ripples going out across Taunton and beyond.The formal signing will be at an event in The Taunton Minster in September.

Special thanks to The Mayor, Vanessa Garside and to the council for believing in, and supporting the Charter.