The Sangha House - Health and Wellbeing
Still Open through the Lock Down!

Welcome to the Sangha House Virtual Studio. Your virtual place to practise while this COVID-19 crisis is happening and you can’t get in to the House. Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, Exercise, Somatics, Qi Gong and Meditation. All available to you. 30 classes a week. 

Having Difficulty Coping? 

We can work with you to help you – all neuroscience based

  • Understand where your current thinking and mental approach to life is coming from. The influencers in your life that have brought you here
  • Start to change your personal mental habits and traits that are trapping you
  • Develop plans and strategies to take you forward and help you achieve your full human potential

Go on, cheer yourself up. Some self-pampering ideas for you. Or perhaps send out some love to a friend or family member? 

“Amazing space and inspiring classes. I feel that The Sangha House could change many lives for the better.” – Beccy

About us

Established in November 2016 by Denise and Andy Spragg, the Centre is a mindfulness based Holistic health centre. It’s aim is to cover all 4 quadrants of holistic health. The Physical, mental, social and spiritual.

With its 35 practitioners we certainly achieve this. We believe that all 4 areas of holistic health are equally important and balance each other.

Where Are we?

Located right in the heart of Taunton