The Four Quadrants of Health

Free Talk – 18th Jan 2024 7pm


A New Approach to Holistic Therapies

As you might know, I just LOVE coming up with new things to offer our clients, and recently I got to thinking about how hard it is to get involved with that “holistic therapy” life.  You might come regularly to the Sangha House for your yoga or exercise, see people being welcomed into the treatment rooms, and think, how do people know what they want?  Or maybe you think, hmm, not for me; it all sounds a bit weird – or even, what do I need to do when I get into that room?  If you’ve ever thought anything like this, please read on, because I think I might be able to help you.


Our guiding principle at the Sangha House has always been the Four Quadrants of Holistic Health, that we have our physical, mental, social and spiritual side (not religious; that’s different) and if any of them is a bit out of sync, then our health generally will suffer.  Applying this to our treatment offering, you might think that you’re just a bit bothered by dry skin or an achy shoulder.  But – have you ever thought about why you’re so troubled by it?  Yes, to start with, you’ll think, but it hurts, or I can’t put my makeup on nicely – and that’s the physical side of it.  But then – mentally?  Maybe you feel a bit down in the dumps about it, so you prefer to hibernate at home instead of going out, because you just don’t feel like it, and therefore your social health is starting to suffer.  And finally, how does it really make you feel, at your very core – some might say your soul or your spirit?  I’d even go so far as to say, what does it make you feel afraid of?  This is where comparison starts to creep in – my friend looks better than me, and we’re the same age? I can’t get my manky feet into sandals, because my partner will tell me they look horrible, and then, do they think less of me? Then we’re getting really into the deepest, darkest stuff. I get it, you’re probably thinking, how shallow; I don’t think like that!  Of course not! (but I bet you do, secretly, really deep down, even if you don’t admit it to yourself, and that’s what I’m talking about!) We really are talking “magic wand” stuff here, and if there’s something you really want to change about yourself, to make you hold yourself a little bit straighter and more confidently, I can pretty much guarantee we have something up our sleeves that can help you. 


In our Four Quadrants treatment, you book our time, not a particular treatment, and we start off with a completely confidential 30-minute consultation to figure this stuff out.  Sometimes, even just voicing these concerns or “grumps” can be enough; it’s almost like therapy! Together we’ll figure out the very best and most effective treatment for you and then go on to do it straightaway, so you don’t have to wait a week, when you might not feel like that anyway!  It can be absolutely any combination of the skill set of your therapist, so if you need or want a back massage, a bit of reiki and then a mini reflexology treatment, that’s what you’ll have.  We can also create a package of treatments for you, too, so that we book you for a few sessions over a number of weeks.  It might include some products to take home as well as the sessions with us, and even booking you for some group classes such as yoga or meditation, so we can factor in those costs and set up a payment plan for you to make it easier.  The possibilities are literally endless!  It’s also suitable for men, women and everyone else, and rest assured that you will be treated with absolute respect and dignity, and no issue is too small.