Warwick Lydiate Presents – The Enneagram

A fascinating talk by Warwick. Find out all about your personality type!

Thank you so much to Warwick Lydiate for a fascinating talk this week on the Enneagram. For those that missed it, we did film it so once I have had chance to edit it, we’ll pop it up here.

Meanwhile, take a look at these explanations of the 9 types, that Warwick talked us through and have a go at picking out your number!

Type 1 The reformer
Search for order / perfection Buzzword.— Is this appropriate?
Organised and orderly — making lists – always so much to do. On time, conscientious,
practical. Feel guilty about not accomplishing enough. Dislike rules being broken eg incorrect spelling and grammar. Highly self-critical. Dislike being criticised. Importance of truth, justice and integrity.

Type 2 The helper
Search for love Buzzword – Can 1 help?
The world is about giving and receiving love. Want others to feel welcome. Compassionate and optimistic – empathic and intuitive. Sensitive to suffering. Have difficulty asking for what they need. When alone they know what they want — less so with others. Can be attracted to important people. Can sometimes feel overwhelmed with care for others, and by seeing suffering / violence.

Type 3 The Achiever
Search for success Buzzword — I / we can do this
Always busy — personal progress and success important. Energetic hard workers. What they do is what they are. Find it hard to relax. Do things expediently. Sociable, good networkers, but don’t talk about self much. Sometimes hard to get in touch with feelings. Like to make a good impression. Financial security important – important to be competent.

Type 4 —The individualist / romantic
Search for meaning Buzzword – I need to be me
Often very creative – poets, writers, artists, musicians. Compassionate – easily moved by love, sorrow, pain. Melancholy moods are often real and important. Being understood is important. Also like to be seen as unique in some way. Scents / sounds important. Sometimes feel outsiders —different from others. Often searching for true self. Sometimes long for what others have.

Type 5 The observer
Search for knowledge Buzzword – Fascinating!
Learners and researchers – learns from reading rather than doing. Lose themselves for hours in interests. Experience emotions more when alone. Dislike small talk or brash loud people / situations. Dislike being assertive and conforming to rules. Feel invisible sometimes also can feel tired when with people for too long. Can feel mean (more with their time and themselves). Witty sense of humour.

Type 6 The loyal sceptic
Search for security Buzzword – You never know!
Very hard workers. Dutiful, reliable and loyal —will support people though thick and thin. Nervous around-authority figures. Like predictability and knowing where they stand. Sometimes plagued with doubts. Take things seriously. Question what might go wrong. The world can seem unsafe, but can be very courageous despite fears.

Type 7 The Adventurer
Search for adventure Buzzword – What if…?
Optimistic and upbeat pick upbeat friends. Energetic fast agile minds. Risk takers. Multi-talkers and competent but not experts in one thing. Can vacillate between commitment and wanting freedom. Love excitement and travel, but can get bored easily. Try to get people to see the lighter side of life. Dislike feeling obligated or fenced in —can sometimes feel depressed by this.

Type 8 —The Asserter
Search for power Buzzword – Who’s in charge round here?
Grounded, with a can do attitude. Substance over style. Can he decisive, assertive and sometimes aggressive. like honesty and directness. Hate to feel manipulated. Can be gentle, supportive, and protective of the underdog and their inner circle. Like to work hard and know how to get things done. Enjoy verbally sparring with people – respecting people who stand up for themselves

Type 9 The Peacemaker
Search for peace Buzzword – chilli
Like to feel in harmony with both environment and people. Supportive relationships very important. Hard working when focused, but can procrastinate especially when under pressure. Hard to make choices — especially when around others. Need structure and routine as well as time to relax each day. Stubborn when told what to do. Often looks peaceful but can feel anxious.

The three centres — Gut, Head, Heart All three have intelligence and memory
Gut centred types 8-9-1 Shadow side of these is anger
Heart centred types 2-3-4 Shadow side of these is image
Head centred types 5-6-7 Shadow side of these is fear

Types 1-2-6 May focus on being helpful in the present
Types 3-7-8 May focus on planning for the future
Types 4-5-9 May be thoughtful about the past