Tai Chi Sash – 16-10-2021

A wonderful day yesterday presenting the Tai Chi sashes (purple and brown) to a bunch of people that have worked incredibly hard. Tai Chi is complex anyway but to manage to keep the practice going through the madness of 2020 and 2021 is just, well frankly, inspiring. Some people joined the ceremony over Zoom as they are located remotely. Really well done to the following people –

Dave Bishop – Brown
Debbi Sutton – Brown
Marion Nieuwenhuizen – Brown
Caroline Ward – Brown
Warwick Lydiate – Brown
Christopher Brossard – Brown
David Hincks – Brown
Ian Clark – Brown
Gerald symons – Puple, Brown
Diane Smith – Puple, Brown
Kit Grace – Purple
Jane Binding – Purple
Christine Thompson – Purple
Barry Croft – Purple
Steph Leitner – Purple, Brown
Jessica Wintrip – Purple, Brown
Clare Webber – Purple
Chris Read – Purple
James Attewell – Purple
Carol Pratt – Purple
Diane Walters – Purple, Brown
Anne Griffiths – Purple, Brown