Buddhist Mentoring

Andy Spragg, Director of the Sangha House, meditation teacher and Tai Chi teacher is now offering 1 to 1 Buddhist mentoring sessions.

These sessions are ideal for anyone new to meditation, wanting to discover its benefits and experience its transformational affects, or for those with experience who wish to take their practice deeper.

Delivered either through Zoom for people who are located at a distance or held in our beautiful centre in the heart of Taunton. These sessions are run in an informal manner. You set the pace of learning and as the sessions are built around you and your life challenges, the topics they cover will carry direct relevance to you, where a group class or course perhaps may not.

Buddhist mentoring is not counselling. But it can help deal with life’s challenges. Meditation should be approached when we are feeling mentally strong. In the physical health world, we train our bodies when we are feeling fit and strong. Helping us to deal with those times when perhaps our physical side is tested. The same goes for the mental side. We should train our mind, just the same as we train our body.

Take a look at this lovely testimonial from Karen –

When I embarked on Andy’s Buddhist mentoring, I guess I had two goals in mind. The first was to extend my understanding of Buddhism – a subject I find fascinating (despite being completely ignorant about it prior to coming to Sangha House a couple of years ago). The second, and perhaps more important goal, was to improve my own ability to meditate. I often experienced times when progress felt very limited and I needed specific guidance to ‘get back on track’.

The mentoring sessions continue to help me to achieve both goals. I like the flexibility of booking a session at a time when I need some practical advice – sometimes meditating just seems too challenging – or when I’ve read something about Buddhism which I don’t understand. Andy is great at making complex ideas more accessible and providing practical tips on how to meditate more effectively. He is extremely knowledgeable, and I appreciate his approach to these sessions which focus on what the individual hopes to achieve. I think people new to Buddhist Meditation, as well as those further along on their journeys, have much to gain from these sessions.

And another from Julie –

After a challenging year or so I was feeling quite overwhelmed as we re-emerged from the constraints we all have been living with. I wasn’t feeling in good shape mentally or physically so I knew I needed some support to protect my well-being. I turned to Andy who’s Tai Chi Classes have already helped me through some stressful times, Andy suggested Buddhist Mentoring… to be honest I wasn’t entirely sure what this would entail but with total trust in Andy’s experience and knowledge, these weekly sessions in the sanctuary of the Sangha House have been immensely beneficial to me, I feel a weight lifting from my shoulders and a sense of calm returning.

The first session will be a half-hour consultation including a short led-meditation and costs £25. Future sessions would then be a full hour and cost £50.

If you think you’d like to explore Buddhist mentoring, call The Sangha House – 01823 428156 or drop an email to us. reception@thesanghahouse.co.uk

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