Embrace Hygge this Autumn

Autumn is establishing itself and as the temperature changes its important to enjoy and embrace the new season to keep your mind, body and spirit happy and healthy. At The Candle Tree we believe it is important to surround yourself with comforting and heart warming items that spark joy. As the darker autumn and winter days approach, it’s natural to feel a bit glum with the lack of light, cold grey weather and dark mornings and evenings. If that sounds familiar, then embracing Hygge could really improve things for you!

Countries like Sweden, Norway and Denmark over the autumn and winter months have fewer hours of daylight and those cultures have created ways to sustain themselves through the darkness, to avoid a negative seasonal effect. The Danish word Hygge (pronounced Hoo-ga) does not have an equivalent word in English, but represents a whole culture of cosiness and wellbeing that may just be behind what makes Danes the happiest people on the planet. The Happiness Institute of Denmark have found that Danes social relationships that make them happiest, and that Hygge puts small social gatherings at it’s heart.

Hygge – The Danish Art of Cosy Living Is Perfect For Autumn.

Hygge appears to be a name given to an atmosphere and experience of cosiness, wellbeing and happiness. It’s sometimes also called the art of creating intimacy. The word originates from a Norwegian word that means wellbeing and also the word hug. The concept is broken down into a many aspects which include:

• Atmosphere, including he correct kind of lighting, such a gentle candlelight.

• Presence or mindfulness, for example having a digital break.

• Pleasure, in form of good food and looking after your body.

• Gratitude, being thankful for what you have now.

• Harmony, including peace and calmness.

• Comfort in your surroundings, making things warm and cosy and maybe taking a bath.

To summarise, Hygge is all about self care combined with connection with other people and creating an environment that feels cosy, warm, inviting and safe.

Enjoy Some Hygge

Hygge lighting is about creating a warmer light that feels cosy and comforting instead of harsh and brightly lit. Decorate your space with candles and warm white bulbs. Fairy lights are also a lovely addition, or if you are lucky enough; a woodburning fire.

Hygge Space
A hygge corner is an area in your house that feels like the perfect little cosy nook. Use cushions, blankets, cosy nightware, preferably made from natural materials like cotton and wool. A comfortable and cosy environment has a big hygge factor and anything else that makes it snug, and use it for reading, journalling or meditating.

Reading books curled up in your snug hygge corner is the perfect hygge activity to bring you a sense of wellbeing. Create a reading list and switch off from the digital world to clear your mind and unwind.

Enjoy Cooking & Baking
Taking a full afternoon to gently cook or bake something is very hygge. Cooking can be so relaxing and nourishing so look up slow cooker recipes or even try making your own bread.

Hot Drinks
Apparently Danes are Europe’s biggest coffee drinkers! Caffeine is a winter warmer but herbal teas are also ultra soothing and super hygge. Use your favourite mug to bring that extra spark of joy to your drink.

Connect With Nature
When we are close to nature we tend not to be so engulfed in technology and are usually in a more mindful and relaxed state. Plan some trips to local forests, gardens and nature reserves, coastal walks are also very refreshing and invigorating. Be sure to wrap up!

Self Care & Sleep
Now is a great time to reflect and see if you can make any tweaks to enhance your overall lifestyle for the benefit of your health and well-being. Self care is something simple you do to enhance your health and well-being take inspiration from our range of mind, body and spirit treats.

Again, in the spirit of developing closer connections with people, why not plan a crafting afternoon? This would be perfect deeper into winter near Christmas as you could watch Christmas movies while drinking mulled wine and making cards or wreaths.

Make Exercise Enjoyable
Make your exercise more cosy by doing yoga or pilates indoors in a gentle candle lit area. Running or walking outside in harsh weather makes hygge rituals even more appealing to come home to!

Embrace Scents In Your Home
Enjoy lighting candles and using home fragrance to lift your mood during the Autumn, Winter months. It is especially hygge to use smells associated with this time of year, such as; orange, sandalwood, cinnamon and clove. Using essential oils in a diffuser will not only make your home smell gorgeous and increase the cosiness factor but this will also relax you and improve your mood.

Finally, Snuggle Up & Keep Warm!
Socks, slippers, jumpers, hats and scarves are all hygge, enjoy wrapping up and steal yourself against the elements. At the heart of all of the above suggestions are taking joy in simple pleasures, being in nature, connection with loved ones and gratitude. These are all powerful things and can make a huge difference to how you feel during the challenges of colder, darker weather. Below are a selection of items to bring joy and comfort to you this season, Hygge style!