Mindfulness Course at The Sangha House

This 3-Module, programme  taking you through the full approach of mindfulness in a flexible and affordable way.Each module is 4 weeks long and you can book the modules individually. Giving you lots of flexibility around learning this fundamental and important life-skill.

Module 1: Living Mindfully : Building a Mindful Life: Human Doings or Human Beings? : We Are Not Our Thoughts: A Mindful Path In a Busy Life
Module 2: What We Resist Persists : Recognising thought patterns, Emotions: the mind body connection, Moving from reacting to responding
Module 3: Befriending Hearing our inner voice, Learning to be kind to yourself, Spreading the love, Moving Forward


Module 1: (Saturday Mornings  and/or  Monday Evenings)
Week 1: 7th Apr 2018 (10.00am) or 9th Apr 2018 (6.30pm)
week 2: 14th Apr 2018 or 16th Apr 2018
Week 3: 21st Apr 2018 or 23rd Apr 2018
Week 4: 28th Apr 2018 or  30th Apr 2018

Members – £60 per four week Module
Non-Members – £80 per four week Module

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