Read what our clients have to say about us:

We have always known The Sangha House team is special – good to know the word is spreading farther afield.  CONGRATULATIONS! (on winning the Best Holistic Centre South West Award in February 2020) A.O

Thanks for a wonderful two hours of yoga and tai chi on Saturday – just what we needed! Thanks to the lovely teachers and the warm welcome. A.H

Life was very different this time last year, and I can honestly say I am much happier in Taunton (and life generally, I guess) since I discovered SH. You are an asset to the town.  M.B

Just to say I came with a group of friends for the gong bath last night – never been to such a thing before and have to admit I was rather sceptical before I attended, but was very impressed and would do it again. Loved the incredible sound of the gong and being able to have a little play on it afterwards made my evening! A.T

I came to the class after quite a difficult day dealing with some very tricky people but came away from the class with my heart singing.J.W

Thank you for the warm welcome that always awaits us as we arrive; I am convinced The Sangha House space has its own micro-climate where the sun always shines. H.T

Please say thank you again to the amazing therapist who rescued my poor head with a massage! Wonderful! P.B

Couldn’t do without Sangha! T.P

I did Patricia’s class last night and I LOVED IT; I’ve never done a class like that before, it was very different to my usual practice, but I can see how it would complement Hatha. I felt really good afterwards. M.B

Many thanks for organising another successful open mic night. Wow, some of the acts were heavily talented! D.H

A friend of mine recently brought her daughter, who has been quite ill, to Sarah’s Somatics class after I’d been telling her how fantastic I’ve found it. Her daughter loved it (obviously!) but also really loved being there and was really inspired by all that you have going on and by how much there will be there that she can do. My friend tells me that she hasn’t seen her daughter this animated in ages, so she’ll definitely be signing up for a membership. Thought it would make you happy to hear what a difference you’ve made to this young woman. C.A

Just wanted to say I had a really lovely time yesterday at your open day. Been meaning to come and see what you do for a while & I was very pleasantly surprised. A lovely vibe & building too. G.I

I am happy to say how Sangha is helping my healing. It has made such a difference.  Somatics has been perfect as gentle and yet nicely challenging to try to think about retrain my body and brain and Sarah is fab.  Lee Anne’s yoga too. As well as the support pre op for which I am very grateful and it made a difference thanks to Andy. S.K

I would like to offer my congratulations for the success Sangha House has had recently. Fine evidence that following a dream and purpose in the service of others delivers satisfaction beyond a monetary value. M.S

I’m glad I came not just because of the physical side but for me that was quite a big step personally/mentally as I suffer from quite bad anxiety and have spent the day torturing myself about how I wouldn’t be able to go on my own. But… things aren’t going to change unless I push myself out of my comfort zone. So thank you for messaging me if you hadn’t I would of stayed at home and regretted it! K.P

We came from the hustle and bustle of London to this heavenly little oasis in beautiful Taunton for three days of sheer bliss! The moment we stepped into Sangha House you could feel a peaceful aura that somehow embraced you. The yoga, Tai Chi and the meditation practices have realigned my body, reset my energy levels and calmed my anxious mind. I would like to thank Denise for the wonderful massage she gave me, leaving me feeling completely floaty and free. Looking at your blog posts, we have only just tipped the edge of the iceberg as there is so much more to Sangha House,  I only wish we could have stayed much longer in Taunton to experience some of these wonderful  therapies you have to offer.  We will be back for sure and indeed I cannot wait. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you and Denise, thank you both for such an enriching experience at Sangha House! C.A

I would to thank Yourself and Andy for bringing the Sangha House to Taunton. I have tried many other diet plans in the past but none that I have felt so enthusiastic about from the first time I heard about it. As soon as I walked into Sangha I knew that it was special and that it was just what I needed, everyone was so welcoming and made me feel at ease straight away. H.P

Sangha House is now on the top of my list of my “MUST HAVES” in my life – if only there was more hours in the day or more days in the week…. L.B

Not being around in person has made me think about how much I’m enjoying being a member of Sangha House and how much it is helping me with my health and fitness goals. I’m really missing it and all of you. As you will all doubtless know from your own experiences, recovering from injury is even less glamourous than it sounds and can be a slow, frustrating and isolating experience. Everyone at Sangha (and I really mean everyone) has helped me to keep going, keep motivated and keep laughing. For the first time since moving to Taunton 3 years ago, I actually feel like I’m more than just a resident who commutes out to work each day. Coming up the stairs into Sangha House feels like coming to visit friends; we just happen to get healthier together at the same time. K.A

What a wonderful weekend at Sangha! Many thanks for all the interesting and enjoyable experiences. W.L

Nobody else could motivate a grumpy granny with sore knees to join their Restart programme. I’d given up my allotment and was feeling sorry for myself, not now. Six weeks on I’m a stone lighter doing circuit training, Pilates, kettle bells, feeling fitter and happier than I’ve felt for years. A.D

Sunday lunch is nourishment to the body but Sunday evening’s session which combined Shakti Dance and Kundalini Yoga taught by Svetlana, was nourishment to the soul.  Soft and gentle, calm and spiritual – I had not practised either of these techniques before and it was a positive awakening.  I cannot think of a better way to wind down from the past week and also  prepare for the coming one. Thank you Svetlana and all at the Sangha House – you do keep us well fed! C.D

The beautiful place, Sangha House in Taunton. I’ve had the most wonderful experience of turning my life around from ill health and the rigours of corporate life. I was just not happy with myself then within 2 months of joining Sangha I’ve become a happier, full of life, positive person helping with my business life as well connecting and enjoying being with fantastic people. I attribute all of the above to the wonderful welcoming people at Sangha House.  S.W

Thank you both for creating this awesome space in Taunton, it has certainly given me and I am sure many others a sense of love and belonging that has been absent far too long. May the hard work that you all put in continue to flourish. T.P

Your website and what you offer is amazing – wish it was there 20 years ago – I might have been able to halt or slow down the weakening of my muscles.  G.C

I’m so happy to have found you guys – you’ve no idea! S.L

It was lovely to see you both and I timed it perfectly – seeing the place buzzing with people was excellent. K.J

I know that I will gain a lot of strength being with you all. Life can be so cruel, but it is at times like these that you find your true friends and really sincere people, and that is what I have felt at Sangha House from the first day that I came. I feel really blessed that I found you when I did and that you are so close to me. I don’t feel just so afraid of the dark days which lie ahead because of that. S.S

It’s good to see you offer so many events as this is exactly what Taunton needs. D.K

Before I came to The Sangha House I barely left the confines of my own home, even to get food due to lack of confidence and anxiety. Since coming here I have grown as a person, this place has become my second home in some ways and the support I get from Andy and Denise is paramount to both my mental and physical well being now. They are amazingly kind and caring, they take time to listen and offer their words of wisdom. Thanks to them and the environment created I am a happier, more open person. The Sangha House has changed my life. K.D

I cannot speak highly enough of the Sangha House. Always welcoming, it is a place where you can feel at ease coming to class or just as comfortable sitting, talking, reading and working.  It is a place where no one feels judged and everyone is accepting of how you may be on any given day, where friends are easily made, and everyone is supportive, where you can be listened to, or happily just be. J.E