Sarah Bird - Mentoring for Personal Development, Stress Management, Anxiety, PTSD and Peak Performance

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Sarah Bird is an award-winning humanitarian, with over 30 years of experience in the areas of stress management, peak performance and the treatment of trauma, particularly stress and trauma arising from combat, conflict and natural disasters.

Working in the UK, Ireland and on the international front, she has helped thousands of people, including private individuals, corporate organisations, charities and non-governmental organisations. In addition, Sarah‘s proven success in treating the survivors of conflict, combat and natural disasters has earned her an international reputation as a highly respected practitioner in the field of trauma healing.

Combining her knowledge and training in Counselling, Energy Psychology, Conflict Resolution, Nonviolent Communication and Personal Development, Sarah empowers her clients to change their relationship with their traumatic experiences, release old patterns of behaviour and empower themselves to move their lives forward with dignity and balance.

Sarah is available for individual consultation in all of the following areas:

Driving Production
Confidence Building
Planning Critical Conversations
Building Resilience
Increasing Personal Effectiveness
Fear of Public Speaking
Anxiety and Panic Attacks
Fear of Flying
Mindset & Mental Toughness

Sarah is working with Andy Spragg from the Sangha House to help Veteransinitially, suffering from PTSD.  Combing Sarah’s deep skills and experience with Andy’s Qi Gong energy exercises and mindfulness approaches, she is running programmes to gently ground these individuals and show them tools and techniques to help alleviate the symptoms they are experiencing.

For further information, or to book an appointment, call The Sangha House on 01823 428156.

"I find the essence of mentoring to be a sacred trust in which the personal and the professional, the local and global - partner and support each other. And where neither of these aspects dominate, to the exclusion of the other. Sarah Bird has brought her blazing vision, her well-honed sense of integrity and indomitable commitment to honouring the work she undertakes. Her remarkable aptitude and the wealth of experience and expertise she has acquired - and continues to build upon - places her at the head of the pack. She forges ahead, courageously and with compassion; acquiring the necessary skills and experiences on an ongoing basis - in services of the principles and causes she holds dear. Noteworthy: Sarah Bird is a visionary with both feet planted firmly on the ground. We are fortunate to have in our midst a Leader of her outstanding calibre: a person who has consciously chosen to point the way, with both Head and Heart."
Dr Roshan R Billimoria
Former Chairperson, UN/NGOs, United Nations, New York.