Paul Harris

Paul Harris
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Paul learnt and practiced meditation techniques in his twenties, and later found excellent Hatha Yoga teachers in the 1980’s, attending classes until the mid 90’s, at which point he moved to Somerset.

He soon found suitable classes in his own town, and after two years was encouraged to begin a Yoga training course. He qualified as a Dru Yoga teacher in the year 2000, and taught privately, in local halls, at Fitness First and in Adult Education classes for many years. His studies continued with a two-year postgraduate course and then further meditation classes.

Paul eventually ceased teaching two years into retirement, using the freedom to travel for a large part of the year. He is now settled at home in the winter months, and able to offer further classes.

Dru Yoga, as taught by Paul, is a gentle, meditative form with flowing sequences. It focuses on soft movement, combined with the breath, to generate a peaceful experience, and has a full relaxation in each session. The practice includes visualisations of light and the use of Mudras, or hand gestures, and is suitable for all abilities.