Andrea Osborne

Andrea Osborne
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Andrea says-

“I was introduced to meditation 25 years ago and then in 2014 began formally using Mindfulness based practices. Following the completion of a level 4 qualification in Teaching Mindfulness and Compassion in 2015 I have become increasingly passionate in sharing how mindfulness can positively impact one’s personal internal life, and how its ripple effect can also touch our relationships with others and the world around us.

Mindfulness can help us to build an emotional gauge, and allows us to become aware of how emotional responses manifest in the body and the mind. Mindfulness helps us to tune into the mind and body and to turn down the volume of revved up emotions and sensations – allowing the opportunity for us to respond to situations rather than react to them. Mindfulness can also support and enrich us in our busy lives through the practice of being in ‘the here and now’.

My background is in working with vulnerable children, young people and families. I hold a degree in Therapeutic Child and Youth Care and a BA in Child and Youth Studies; and as such I am also open to supporting young people as well as adults through the practice of mindfulness.”