About The Sangha House

Established in November 2016 by Denise and Andy Spragg, the Centre is a mindfulness based Holistic health centre. It’s aim is to cover all 4 quadrants of holistic health. The Physical, mental, social and spiritual.

With its 35 practitioners we certainly achieve this. We believe that all 4 areas of holistic health are equally important and balance each other.

The centre is located in the heart of Taunton (Just up from the main bus station and Castle Green) in an old converted Convent. The spiritual nature of the building itself creates a very special ambiance for our customers.

Visitors here notice the friendly, peaceful feel the moment they walk through the door.

Our main policy is about connection. Connection with others and with the world around us. For this reason we encourage all potential customers to come through the door and chat with us, so we deliberately avoid online booking systems.

The Sangha House. Strength in our differences, comfort where we overlap.

Denise and Andy Spragg, Centre Directors