Sign Up to The Sangha House

There are two ways to enjoy the Sangha House.

  1. Pay as you Go
  2. Full membership

This page helps you to decide which way to join.

Pay as you go

Pick your Class. Classes cost £8 per hour (£12 for 90 minute session). Click on the button below and have a look at the timetable that opens up. Make a note of the day, time and what the session is.

Make your booking. Click on the button below. Your email will open up with the Sangha House email address pre-filled. Simply describe the days, times and types of classes you would like to attend and send the email. We will get back to you to confirm or let you know of any issues.

Join the Membership

To Join the membership, review the terms and decide on your membership level, sign the terms electronically and then complete the bank mandate for direct debit . You must complete all 3 steps to become a member. (Note that you must be 18 years of age to sign an electronic contract) Please ensure you review the terms properly. They are contractual and binding. They include the data protection and privacy policy and your consent relating to data we hold about you. If you have any concerns or questions about the setup process at all, just call The Sangha House on 01823 428156

  1. Click the button below to view and review the terms

2. In order to become a member of the Sangha House you will need to sign our contract confirming your commitment to the terms and to the payment. You can now do this online. Simply click the button below and the electronic contract will come up. Allowing you to fill in your personal details and sign. Note that this also includes your agreement (or otherwise) for you to allow us to retain your data. Our privacy policy is therefore part of this agreement.

3. Setup the direct debit mandate for your payments, allowing us to setup your payment plan for you and pay in installments monthly.