Get you exercise and weight management back on track with The Sangha House!

Starting in April! Get yourself on track to fitness and well-being. 

The Restart programme is our proven programme to help people re-discover exercise and combine this with good nutrition and weight management to get their physical health back on track. Supported by the other activities in the Sangha House to give you a full-rounded approach to health and well-being.

We will help you with the practicalities of exercise, diet and nutrition but also talk about the more tricky things that get in the way of progress here, such as will-power and motivation.

For information, call 01823 428 156 or email

12 week Programme
2 Exercise Classes per Week
1 Group Consultation and briefing per week
Food Diary
Bi-Weekly Modules including home practice for both exercise and nutrition
Sangha House Members – £15 entry fee. Non-Members – £150 for the 12 week programme.

Ask Us?

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