Our bodies have an innate ability to sustain health and balance. Sometimes we just need a little help to activate it. Kinesiologists provide this help for your body to heal itself. They balance your whole energy system and, in doing so, facilitate a self-healing process.

Kinesiologists use gentle muscle testing combined with verbal questioning to communicate directly with your body’s unique energy system. This highly skilled technique involves applying light pressure to a muscle (commonly your arm) and monitoring how it responds. If the muscles holds steady, the system is responding with a ‘yes’. If the muscle is spongy, the answer to the kinesiologist’s question is ‘no’. The Kinesiologist offers your system a wide range of powerful procedures designed to rebalance and trigger self-healing, and your body is able to select those procedures that will be the most helpful to you by saying ‘yes’ with a steady muscle response.

Each procedure your body selects via muscle testing highlights one part of the stress that has upset your system. As acupressure points are held, your body regains balance around the highlighted stress and moves back to a healthier state.

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