Clarity Circle at The Sangha House – Next Event 7th September 2018

To focus on creating emotional freedom by letting go of stress and tension Allowing a release into peace

Jo Kenworthy has been working with Emotional Freedom Technique for 11 years now

It is an amazing therapy. Using tapping ~ it’s shortened name ~ in circles, is a great way to start to work with this energy

We each have the same emotional needs as human beings: To be loved and accepted for who we are . Often that has not happened in life and this creates emotional patterning

Learning how that works for us as an individual and as a group is key for self empowerment. Synergy in a group often brings great insights too. We set an intention at the start of the circle ~ to release whatever has been happening that month ~ group common threads

We change the energy using tapping so that there is potentiality to leave feeling more love and acceptance and a deeper compassion and empathy for self.  This allows the individual to be able to feel that and experience that more with other people over time.

One hour workshop. 6.45pm

Free for members, £8 for non-members.
Click on the link to email or call 01823 428156