Amelia Jocelyn Plays The Sangha House

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2nd December 2017 In the Top Studio of the Sangha House. 

A young Scottish Singer is releasing her first album in December (2nd) and she is releasing it in England as she is keen to bring Scottish music into an area steeped in folk and traditional music. She has therefore chosen to release it from The Sangha House, Taunton.
22 year old Amelia Jocelyn was brought up on the west coast of Scotland near Glasgow. She has recently graduated from the Glasgow Academy of Music and Sound and is currently working on her first album after the successful release of her first EP, I Hear Rumours, 4 years ago. Amelia can be heard playing venues across central Scotland and is planning to tour the UK next year.
Her first album, Bonnie Songs from the West of Scotland, is due to be released in the coming months. Inspired by her local surroundings, the album will be a tribute to the local area featuring songs like Ae Fond Kiss by Robert Burns and Song O’ the Clyde.